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Our Funds

Our company runs several funds which target long-term investment growth in future markets which are undergoing significant economic transformation. We have a deep research approach to invest in good value securities with strong fundamentals. Quam funds seek future growth prospects and operate in volatile but growing environments so we may use judicious stock and market proxy hedging to deliver a more absolute return. Our mantra is to invest conservatively in choppy markets and to let the portfolio do the work.

Quam China Focus Segregated Portfolio

The Quam China Focus SP looks for long term absolute return and outperforms the HSCEI. The investment approach is to combine the Private Equity style due diligence and Hedge Fund strategy to seek for "down-side protection" and "alpha return" in Greater China region. The "down-side protection" is achieved through our stringent, in-depth due diligence by our professional and experienced investment team. "Alpha return" is generated from special events, such as, M&A, Topping Bid, Spin-off, Hidden Jewel, Asset Play, Turnaround, Relative Value, High Yield, etc. We believe discipline is the key control of the whole investment process and we only invest in those we understand.

Quam Greater China UCITS Fund

The Quam Greater China UCITS Fund is to maximize long-term capital appreciation through investments in securities issued by companies with substantial business in, exposure to or deriving their revenue from the Greater China region. The fund is our first UCITS fund and is a proxy of our flagship fund, Quam China Focus SP, with the same underlying strategy.

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