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Quam Asset Management is an independent asset management firm, providing high quality investment services to institutional and private clients.

Our disciplined research and extensive network of contacts as well as experience in Greater China, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe make us a leading service provider. We have proven track records of investing portfolios in the markets of the future. We aim at delivering long-term and sustainable growth by investing conservatively in these exciting markets. We do this by carrying out extensive research on the ground combined with our expertise over decades of such investment.

Quam Limited, the holding company of Quam Asset Management, is a Hong Kong-based financial services group which was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1997.

After a series of strategic acquisitions beginning in 2001, the Group now comprises several other businesses, including Quam Securities, Quam Capital, Quam Wealth Management, Quam Private Equity, Quamnet.com and Quam Investor Relations. Quam believes that it is the ideal partner for both institutional and retail investors in the Asian region.


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