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Our Role

Port Shelter is a consulting investment management firm that provides high quality advice and seasoned experience to institutional and private clients. We can help both those with an interest in expanding into China and Asia and those looking to develop investment management businesses from the Pacific Region to the international arena.

Our speciality is in the strategy and execution of investment management business building, as we have experience of the “hands-on” establishment of investment management businesses all over Asia, as well as Europe, the offshore markets and the US.

We can give leading-edge advice on Asset Allocation, Fund Manager Selection and Portfolio Construction. It is the elegant combination of these factors that provide lasting performance in investment.

We can compile reports and appear in court as a legal Expert Witness to assist clients who intend to pursue litigation in financial matters. We have acted for the Hong Kong Security and Futures Commission in many cases.

We have a great deal of Board of Director’s experience and can provide director-level guidance for significant operations in Asia. We can also provide and advise as a Responsible Officer for regulated activities.

We work through Quam Asset Management and their parent company, Quam Limited, Asia’s premier independent investment bank.

The essence of Port Shelter is creative ideas driven off 32 years of experience – the source of safe haven investment ideas. We have been engaged in Asia and elsewhere since 1978, so our local network and contacts are consequently extensive.

Our Name

Port Shelter is a harbour in Hong Kong – one of HK’s finest – and could have easily been the centre of the new settlement in 1842 when the Colony of Hong Kong was established.

That it is not, is due to its easterly aspect. Though the harbour is twisting and sheltered inside, Hong Kong harbour was closer to the trade ports of Southern China. That quirk of geography has preserved an area of outstanding beauty – ideally viewed by the yacht sailors in the harbour – hence our logo – or by aerobatic pilots at 2000 feet – at the top of a barrel roll. (‘Call the ball, Maverick!‘).